Popular sports in Israel

By 12 May 2021

Israel is a nation with a very complicated past, however, this hasn’t negatively affected their involvement in sports. Sport is a crucial part of Israel’s tradition, and they regularly involve themselves in a plethora of sports. These sports can be wagered upon in various gambling platforms offline or online, but this itself is fuzzy. Let’s look at the various popular sports in Israel, gambling laws in the country, things Israelite should consider before wagering on Israel sports, and the best gambling sites in Israel.

Cricket in Israel

Popular sports in Israel

There are numerous sports which are popular among the citizens of Israel, they include:


This is popularly called Kaduregel among the locals, and it is one of the most followed sport in the country. It is controlled by the Israel Football Association. Israel joined the Asian Football association in 1955, however, was removed in 1974 due to political issues. However, FIFA admitted them fully in 1994, and they have participated under Europe. Tops football clubs in Israel include Hapoel Tel Aviv and Hadera. A prominent Israeli includes former Chelsea and Arsenal Yossi Benayoun.


In 1968, Israel joined the international Cricket Association, however, they have failed to impress in subsequent tournaments. The highest they have reached is the eighth position in 1996 in Denmark. To bet on cricket, use the various betting sites for cricket which can be found online and offer better deals. There are many online cricket betting platforms to wager on. There are many local cricket teams around Sakhin and Tel Aviv.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts is another common sport in Israel as many schools regularly train Israelite in the art of Martial arts. Several Capoeira teams operate in many towns around the city. Krav Maga is taught to most security outfits including the Army, police, and Mossad. The sector of martial arts is headed by Hamad Amar, an elite member of the Knesset.


This is popularly known as mixed martial arts sports which integrate boxing, wrestling, judo, and jujitsu. Although formerly frowned upon by the Israeli government, it has become very popular among many locals. Alice Schlesinger is a mixed martial art champion from Israeli who has many belts under her.


Hockey is another recently popular sport in Israel with many of its citizens joining the Hockey academy of Israel in Metulla. This sport is more popular among the younger generation because it is entertaining and refreshing. The Israeli Hockey Federation is working closely with Canada and Finland to improve the sport. Regular Young Hockey players are sent to these countries for tournaments and better training.

Online gambling laws for sports in Israel

The popularity of these Israeli sports has made several bookmakers offer gambling services to the citizens. However, the government came up with some frameworks to define how gambling can be done in the country. In 1977, they came up with the Penal law aims to define how gambling on sports, casino games, and other betting activities will be done.

While lotteries and regulated run by the state are allowed, almost all chance games in Israel remain prohibited. This penal law has been challenged by several bookies and private individuals because it doesn’t state clearly how online gambling should be done, however, the Israeli Supreme Court has said internet gambling is affected. The problem with the Penal law in Israel is that it doesn’t categorically mention casino games like blackjack, poker, slots, and bingo, it just states that chance games remained illegal.

In 2017, then came the Powers to Prevent the Commission of Offenses using an Internet Website Act, which wants to ban access to foreign bookies. This law allows the courts to issue blocking documents against foreign websites offering services to citizens. Also, financial institutions are mandated to stop transferring funds to bookies.

However, this doesn’t mean that Israel citizens can wage. They will need to wage on foreign sites that accept New shekels and are not affected by the government blocks.

Factors to consider before gambling on Israel bookmakers

While betting remains fuzzy in Israel, gamblers could still major on international casino sites. However, they need to have this at the back of their mind:

  • Payments

Unlike most European countries that use euros, Israeli use new shekels as their currency. Before wagering on any sport, bettors have to consider online bookmakers who accept this currency.

  • Fast payouts

Getting a betting platform that pays quickly and fast isn’t easy. Many inferior bookies don’t pay on time. Everyone should only use betting sites that pay within 24 hours.

  • Customer service

The importance of technical support for foreign bookies cannot be ignored. Bettors need to be updated regularly and promptly about any issues and inquiries made.

  • The plethora of sports betting offered

Getting a top Israel betting platform that provides an array of many games is important. Not all betting sites offer markets in cricket, football, and martial arts.

  • Huge bonuses

This is perhaps the biggest indices to consider before joining an Israel betting site. Bonuses are offered by most of these online gambling sites, registering with the ones that offer huge bonuses is crucial.

  • Licensing

Due to the legal complexity in Israel gambling laws, it is relevant to only patronize betting sites, that have gaming permits from the UK gambling commission, Malta Gaming agency, and Curacao betting agency.

Top Israel online bookmakers

Online betting sites offer their services to Israelite, here are some recommended ones:


Betway remains an international platform that offers casino services and gambling to citizens of Israel. There is hardly any top bookie like this which offers flexible gambling options for Israelites. They have some juicy bonuses and markets you can use to make a profit.


This is one of the online bookies which Israel citizens can gamble on safely. They accept various payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallet options.


At bet fair, you get a foreign bookie that has been in the casino and gambling business for a long time. New customers get as much as 10,000 shekels and 300 free spins. Customer service is on various social networks to answer your questions.

William hill

William Hill is based in the UK but offers services to other nations. They have good odds on major sports you can take advantage of regularly. Aside from sports gambling, you could also wager on various casino games like blackjack, baccarat, poker, and online roulette on their website.


This online bookmaker is a renowned betting program platform which provides gambling services to Israel. Gamblers bet on sports online on this betting site. They have absolutely huge odds and great sporting markets. You can pay using PayPal, bank wire and Visa/mastercard.