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Shizen Hotel

​Originality and simplicity were the impetus for the concept of SHIZEN the lifestyle spa resort modeled on the way of life indigenous to Japan and the Far East a SHIZEN experience of uninterrupted tranquility, untainted nature, impeccable health, understated style and breathtaking beauty. SHIZEN invites you to leave behind the stress and tension of day-to-day life and enjoy an extraordinary experience with an enriching program for mind, body and soul. In the hotel 40 rooms.
Adresse: 60 Ramot Yam St., Herzelia

Téléphone: +972-(0)9-9528282
Fax: +972-(0)9-9528288
Site Web: shizen

Catégories: A licensed hotel

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Rang: N\A
Lodgings: Pool on site, Spa, Beach




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