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Poriya Hostel

The Poriya hostel, located on the Southern shores of the Sea of Galilee, is a convenient location for going on trips and hikes, water activities, or just a good time at the beach. Our wooden cabins naturally blend with the view of the region, since they are built on the foot of Mt. Poriya, offering a magnificent view from the gardens in the hostel. We offer our guests comfortable bedrooms, a free Israeli breakfast and free Wi-Fi.
Adresse: PO Box 232 Tiberias 1410102

Téléphone: +972-(0)2-5945722
Fax: +972-(0)4-6751628
Site Web: Poriya Hostel

Catégories: Hostels

Propriétés supplémentaires:  
Rang: N\A
Disabled access: Yes
Parking: Yes
Kosher: Kashrut certificate
Animals: Prohibited
Banquet halls: Restaurant




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